Current Doctoral Student Spotlights

Radical Energy Justice: A Green Deal for Romanian Coal Miners? Michael LaBelle's publication in collaboration with PhD students Roxana Bucata and Ana Stojilovska

Our Michael LaBelle in collaboration with PhD students Roxana Bucata and Ana Stojilovska have recently published an article in the Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning, as an early piece looking at the application of the EU’s Just Transition Mechanism.

Towards Innovation: What is the Nuclear Path and Who are the Actors

Who are the ones to favor atom in Hungary, and what distinguishes them from anti-nuclear ones? How is it possible that the path of nuclear energy can continue in the country even with a large-scale social rejection?

Eszter Mátyás, our PhD student had written a Hungarian blog post on her dissertation topic for the Political Science Institute's blog of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences receiving high interest.

Investigating the illicit vulture trade in Nigeria - interview with our PhD student Stephen Awoyemi by Breaking Green Ceilings

Listen to the podcast interview with Stephen Awoyemi, our PhD student by Breaking Green Ceilings!

Podcast Episode 46 : Investigating the Illicit Vulture Trade in Nigeria
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The episode is also available here on YouTube.

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Stephen Awoyemi has been awarded Presidential Scholar Award

We announce with great pleasure that our 3rd year doctoral student, Stephen Awoyemi has been awarded the prestigous Presidential Scholar Award

Energy Policy publication co-authored by our PhD Candidate, Steffen Bettin

Steffen Bettin, our PhD candidate has just published with co-authors (e.g. his external committee member Michael Ornetzeder) an article in Energy Policy. This endeavor helped him to narrow his focus for his dissertation and also made for this nice publication.