Collaborating for Rural Sustainability (CORUSUS)


Central European University (CEU), Project Lead: Prof. Brandon P. Anthony
University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), Project Partner: Prof. Wayne Twine
American University of Central Asia (AUCA), Project Partner: Prof. Ruslan Rakhimov
American University of Beirut (AUB), Project Partner: Prof. Shadi Hamadeh

Rural environments are complex social-ecological systems and are explicitly linked with several Sustainable Development Goals addressing poverty, food security, and sustainable natural resource use. CORUSUS will strengthen teaching, learning and research by cultivating cooperation to address the sustainability of rural livelihoods in South Africa, Kyrgyzstan, and Lebanon, whilst bolstering the sharing of knowledge and experience between faculty and students of partner institutions.

In the first year of CORUSUS, (i) Wits faculty will deliver an Ethnoecology course at CEU, with invited AUCA faculty and students, (ii) faculty from Wits, CEU and AUB faculty will be hosted by AUCA for a rural visit, including teaching and research planning, and (iii) Wits students will attend a rural research methods workshop organized by CEU at the Wits Rural Campus, whilst selected CEU (MESPOM) students will conduct 3-4 week internships at Wits and AUCA.