Student representatives

At the beginning of every academic year, CEU students at each department elect representatives who serve as a liaison between faculty and students. In addition to attending faculty meetings and assisting their classmates with academic matters, representatives participate in Student Union assemblies, organize departmental events, and contribute as active members of the larger CEU community. 

Our present student representatives are:

  • MESP 2023-24 Program: Stafaniya Zhaliazouskaya

  • PhD Program 2023-24, 1st year students: Anastasia Pavlenko
  • PhD Program upper year students: Roxana Bucata

  • MESPOM 2023-25 Program (elected for 2 years): 
    Bianca Centeno Calderon & Gregory Coisne

  • MESPOM 2022-24 Program (elected for 2 years): 
    Manchester track (presently in Manchester): Agnes Widensky
    Lund track (presently in Lund): Guilhem Chiarello Coupinot

Feel free to contact them in need!

Please check also the general website of CEU on the CEU Student Union.