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INFORMATION FOR INCOMING STUDENTS starting in 2021/22 in Vienna

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Please find Visa and Residence Information for the CEU Vienna Campus (Austria) here.

Visa and residence permit applications can only be processed by Austrian immigration authorities. You can find your nearest Austrian representation office by clicking here. The office for immigration in Vienna is the MA 35. CEU PU is not allowed to apply for a Visa or Residence permit on behalf of students, nor are we legally entitled to make inquiries with relevant authorities on the student's behalf. Please follow the steps on this page for application instructions and recommendations. Please check the government website in case of updates and changes unknown to us. 
Please also refer to our step by step visa and residence permit troubleshooter handbook.


Please find detailed information in the attached document on supporting documents for an Austrian Visa/residence permit.
(Please note in addition to regular supporting documents like proof of accommodation, health insurance and sufficient financial means, a confirmation of your admission to CEU PU Vienna, a valid passport and photo, you will also need to submit a photocopy as part of your application and present the original of your birth certificate at your embassy appointment as well as a police clearance certificate from country of origin. A certificate of the latter from Hungary will also be required if you submit your application to the embassy in Budapest.)


Continuing (third country) students planning to submit their residence permit application to the Austrian embassy in Budapest are required to obtain also a Police clearance certificate (called Certificate of good conduct). This certificate is free of charge and is issued in Hungarian. After obtaining the certificate, it should be translated into German by any translation office. It is not required to legalize this document. Please check the details of obtaining and translation of this document


Students from countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) continuing their studies at CEU have two options:

A. Extension of your current residence permit in Hungary

  • As a continuing student you have the possibility to renew your residence permit but you must submit a complete application no later than 30 days prior to its expiration date.

B. Application for a new visa in Hungary

  • Some students may prefer not to extend their residence permits. In such cases, they must leave Hungary before their residence permits expire. To re-enter for the start of the next academic year, they need to follow the procedure explained on this page.

Students of EEA member states who continue their studies at CEU and already have a registration certificate, do not need to do any further registration unless they change their accommodation. In this case the student must obtain a new address card. Please follow the instructions for EEA citizens on this page.