Spotlight on CIVICA’s Focus Area "Societies in Transition and Crises of Earth"

October 8, 2020

CIVICA’s Work Package 6 (WP6) focuses on research and its activities will be implemented by a design team consisting of researchers from across the alliance. Divided into four thematic groups, WP6 addresses the following key topics: Challenges to Democracy in the 21st Century; Societies in Transition and Crises of Earth; Europe Revisited; and Data-Driven Technologies for the Social Sciences.

The Urban Nature Explorer

October 7, 2020

CEU’s team launched a new tool developed as a contribution to the Horizon 2020-funded 
NATURVATION project, the Urban Nature Explorer at the 9th European Conference on Sustainable Cities and Towns in Mannheim in a virtual session on October 2. 

“Bridging ICTs and the Environment” ISEPEI 2020 Webinar series ended

ISEPEI (In-Service ICT Training for Environmental Professionals) started as a joint project of UNEP's Global Universities Partnership on Environment and Sustainability (GUPES) and CEU with seed financing from UNEP and AGEDI, and has been conducting a series of environmental professional education events since 2014. The associated workshops are run under the organizational framework of the CEU Summer University.

H2020 SENTINEL project: a new energy modeling system that integrates the criteria of the transition to renewables

February 15, 2019

The project proposal Sustainable Energy Transitions Laboratory (SENTINEL) with a major role for the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy at CEU through Prof. Diana Urge-Vorsatz has been approved under the H2020 program of the EU.

Coordinated by ETH Zurich, according to the proposal SENTINEL promises to develop a fundamentally new energy modeling system that integrates the criteria of the transition to a renewables-based energy system from the ground up.