Towards Innovation: What is the Nuclear Path and Who are the Actors

March 25, 2021

Who are the ones to favor atom in Hungary, and what distinguishes them from anti-nuclear ones? How is it possible that the path of nuclear energy can continue in the country even with a large-scale social rejection?

Eszter Mátyás, our PhD student had written a Hungarian blog post on her dissertation topic for the Political Science Institute's blog of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences receiving high interest.

Abtract in English:
Although there are more and more voices urging the reduction of CO2 emissions in the world, we are still unsure which energy source or sources will be the ones that will make the reduction available in the near future. Many political systems are voting in favor of nuclear energy when it comes to zero emissions. But why? In my research, I am looking for the answer to why certain political systems choose to use nuclear energy and what aspects may arise in such a process that are crucial for the nuclear path.

The full blog post in Hungarian:
Az innováció útján: mi az a nukleáris út és kik a szereplői