The Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy is a center of excellence for environment-related scholarship and teaching in Europe, offering a comprehensive curriculum in environmental studies for intellectually advanced and ambitious graduate students. Our programs challenge students' ability to integrate theory and practice for the analysis, understanding, and management of environmental and environment-related problems.

The department has educated several hundred young people from over 70 countries who are now working in academia, international organizations, governments, NGOs and businesses around the world. The department offers both one- and two-year Master of Science programs. The 1-year MS Program in Environmental Sciences and Policy, established in 1994, is delivered entirely at CEU. A 2-year Master's program - the Master's in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management (MESPOM) - was added in 2005 to expand the reach of our education globally, and is jointly delivered by CEU along with 3 other European universities; in 2010, 2 North American universities joined the consortium. The Doctoral program, introduced in 2002, offers up to 5 fully-funded Ph.D. places each year for scholars of outstanding promise.