Prof. Alan Watt and PhD student, Andrea Farsang co-author “Environmental values in post-socialist Hungary: Is it useful to distinguish egoistic, altruistic and biospheric values?”

April 29, 2013

Prof. Alan Watt, head of department and Andrea Farsang, PhD student are co-authors of the article “Environmental values in post-socialist Hungary: Is it useful to distinguish egoistic, altruistic and biospheric values?” published in a special issue on “Environmental Values in Central and Eastern Europe: Perspectives from East and West” of the Czech Sociological Review.

De Groot, J.I.M., Steg, L., Farsang, A., Keizer, M. and Watt, A., 2012.

Department researchers publish book chapter on protected areas in the Middle East

May 2, 2012

Prof. Brandon Anthony (faculty) and Diane Matar (PhD student) recently published their research findings on the management effectiveness of protected areas in Syria, Lebanon & Jordan. Based on a new set of global indicators, and within the IUCN-WCPA Framework, Brandon and Diane identify particular factors which contribute to the success of protected area management systems in the region, and offer recommendations for improvement.

CEU PhD student produces energy security assessment for the International Energy Agency

January 26, 2012

Jessica Jewell, MESPOM Alumnus and CEU PhD student, helped the International Energy Agency (IEA) develop a novel MOdel of Short-term Energy Security (MOSES). MOSES is different from most of the existing energy security studies; it combines some 30 quantitative indicators in a transparent and policy-relevant way to describe different configurations of risk factors and resilience capacities.

New book on Environmental Security by Viktor Lagutov out now

December 2, 2011

Edited by Viktor Lagutov (Department of Environmental Science, CEU) a new book entitled "Environmental Security in Watersheds: The Sea of Azov" has been published by Springer Publishing.

Watersheds, supplying crucial ecosystem services to humans, seem to be a logical territorial unit to integrate societal benefits and environmental needs in order to evaluate the sustainability of natural resource use patterns.

CEU Faculty Contributing Author of New UNEP Report

November 28, 2011

Pathways to 2020 Able to Deliver the Additional 6 to 11 Gigatonne Cuts Needed to Get World onto Safe Track