Energy Transitions and Climate Change (ETC)

Cluster leader: Aleh Cherp

Faculty associated with the cluster: Michael LaBelleDiana Ürge-Vorsatz

The Energy Transitions and Climate Change area focuses on the changes in energy production, transformation and use which are needed to avoid dangerous climate change while meeting other sustainability and development challenges. We are researching the change in energy systems at the corporate, sectoral, urban, national and global scales. Our scholarship is connected to such disciplines as energy economics, engineering economics, energy systems analysis, urban studies, innovation and organizational studies, socio-technical transition studies and political science. We use a variety of methods ranging from quantitative modeling to qualitative comparative analysis of cases and discourse analysis. Our specific topics and themes include energy security, national energy transitions, urban systems, energy systems innovations, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and multiple impacts of climate change mitigation. 

Associated working groups: 

Ongoing projects:

Research highlights:  

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