Doctoral Defenses

Access to full texts of CEU theses is available through the Electronic Theses and Dissertation (ETD) system maintained by the CEU Library.


  • Csaba Toth - Mobility subsidies and distributive justice - case study of Budapest
  • Stephen Awoyemi - A sociological study of trade in vulture parts for belief-based use
  • Balsa Lubarda - Far-right Ecologism: Environmental Politics and the Far Right in Hungary and Poland
  • Vivek Voora - Agricultural Voluntary Sustainability Standards and Farming Resilience: Opportunity or Contradiction?
  • Steffen Bettin - Diffusion, Development, and Directionality of Stationary Battery Energy Storage
  • Ana Stojilovska - Synergies between heating and energy poverty - the injustice of heat


  • Ion Iftimie - The Regional Securitization of Cyber-Physical Energy Systems 
  • Marta Vetier - The Impacts of Social Networks in Regional Environmental Regimes on Regime Outcomes and Interactions: The Case of the Carpathian Convention
  • Simon Olsen - Regional Civil Society Engagement and Governance in AGENDA 2030: Liberation at Last?
  • Dora Almassy - We care about what we measure: Assessing implementation capacities at the national level for the environmental Sustainable Development Goals


  • Anastasia Tikhonova - Mechanisms for Transition to Climate Smart Agriculture in Central Asia
  • Anna Varfolomeeva - Articulations of Indigeneity in Two Mining Regions of Russia: A Comparative Case Study of Karelia and Buriatia
  • Azim Shamshiev - Environmental Virtue Ethics in the Mystical Thought of Jalal al-Din Rumi
  • Sergi Moles Grueso - Re-cognising the Role of Commercial Buildings in the Production of a Meaning and Practice of Energy Saving
  • Natalia Pervushina - Tigers in global wildlife crime: Addressing the issue in the Amur-Heilong region


  • Vadim Vinichenko - Mechanisms of energy transitions: National cases and the worldwide uptake of wind and solar Power
  • Souran Chatterjee - Measuring the Productivity Impacts of Energy Efficiency Measures
  • Mariann Molnár - What is the right thing to do?: Perspectives on the "moral imperative" and the "ultimate goal" of farm animal welfare in Hungary


  • Ariadne Collins - REDD+ unravelled : A discursive analysis of neoliberal forest conservation efforts in Guyana and Suriname 
  • Mukesh Kumar Gupta - Clean and efficient energy systems in slums transformation: The case of South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa


  • Anna Ruban - Tools of Environmental Governance in Country with Transition Economy: Ukraine as a Case Study
  • Andrea Farsang - The empowering potential of new communication approaches for sustainable lifestyles among young people 
  • Amanda Winter - Contested Sustainability and the Lifestyle Politics of Urban Greening
  • Agnes Botos - Industrial Chemical Regulation in the European Union and the United States: A Comparison of REACH & the Bipartisan TSCA Reform Bills
  • Noemi Gonda - “How to recaffeinate climate change": The politics of gender and climate change in post-neoliberal Nicaragua.


  • Mara Kimmel - Fate Control and Human Rights: Land, Governance and Wellbeing in America’s Arctic
  • Diane Matar - Status Of Concept Implementation And Management Effectiveness Of Biosphere Reserves In The Arab Region
  • Gerda Jonasz - Keeping the Huerta alive: Social landscape creation through an alternative economic space established by agro-entrepreneurs
  • Naira Harutyunyan - Transition from public to private provision of public services: The case of water sector in Armenia
  • Ksenia Petrichenko - Net-zero energy buildings: Global and regional perspectives 
  • Sonja Koeppel - Transboundary water management and climate change adaptation: A comparative study of four European river basins 


  • Yulia Barabanova - Emerging climate justice discourse: Perspectives of grassroots networks in the UK 
  • Fouad Khan - Scaling in cities as an indicator of energy consumption: What fractal analysis could tell us about resilience and disparity in complex systems
  • Brendan Duprey - Natura 2000: Bulgaria's Paper Park 


  • Johan Liliestam - Energy security and renewable electricity imports: the case of a Supergrid connecting Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
  • Sergio Tirado Herrero - Fuel poverty alleviations as a co-benefit of climate investments : evidence from Hungary
  • Jessica Jewell - Energy security and climate change mitigation : the interaction in long-term global scenarios
  • Attila Szepesi - Defects of multinational emission trade systems : post-Kyoto recommendations based on the analysis of fraudulent practices and regional fuel price differences in multinational emission trade regimes 


  • Tamas Dienes - Environmental assessment and policy options for solid waste systems and technologies in Budapest with EASEWASTE


  • Csaba Pusztai - Organizational aspects of learning for sustainability in local government : a study on Hungarian municipalities
  • Jolly Wasambo - Water governance and sustainable rural livelihoods : the case of irrigation reform at Wovwe, Malawi
  • Julia Leventon - We don't eat fish" science, policy and EU governance : the implementation of arsenic limits for drink
  • Plamen Peev - Local environmental governance and environmental rules on the ground in Bulgarian municipalities
  • Keti Medarova-Bergstrom - Pathways to sustainability : the case of environmental policy integration in EU structural and cohesion funds in Bulgaria
  • Veronika Czakó - Multilevel governance of climate change action : a comparative case study of front-runner cities in the UK and Hungary
  • Yuliya Voytenko - Bioenergy in Ukraine : sustainable pathways for the development of Ukraine's agro-biomass potential
  • Oliver Avramoski - Construction of place-based identities across scales : implications for ecosystem management


  • Fiona Borthwick - Lecturer, Scottish Agricultural College, Edinburgh, Scotland. Dissertation: 'Environment and security: setting an agenda for international action and co-operation'
  • Maia Gachechiladze - 'Strategic environmental assessment follow-up: from promise to practice.Case studies from the UK and Canada'
  • Katarina Korytarova - 'Energy efficiency potential for space heating in Hungarian public buildings: towards a low-carbon economy'
  • Victoria Novikova - 'The economic potential of carbon dioxide emission mitigation from efficiency improvements in electricity end-use in the Hungarian tertiary sector'
    Strategic Environmental Assessment Follow-up: from Promise to Practice.
    Case studies from the UK and Canada


  • Viktor Lagutov - 'Theory and practice of sturgeon species restoration: the prospects for natural reproduction in the Ural river'
  • Pawel Banas - 'Local authorities in implementation of environmental policy: evidence from Poland'
  • Silvia Rezessy - Researcher, European Commission's Joint Research Council.  Dissertation: 'Energy saving obligations in the context of Hungary's end-use energy efficiency policy and energy market'
  • Farhad Mukhtarov - 'The hegemony of integrated water resources management: a study of policy translation in England, Turkey, and Kazakhstan'


  • Gergana Miladinova - 'Developing sustainable energy systems: policies, barriers and prospects for distributed energy generation in Bulgaria'
  • Aleksandra Novikova - 'Carbon dioxide mitigation potential in the Hungarian residential sector'


  • Richard Filcak - Institute of Forecasting Studies, Slovak Academy of Sciences. Dissertation: 'Environmental justice in the Slovak Republic: the case of the Roma ethnic minority'
  • Dora Kulauzov - 'Strengthening the synergies of desertification and climate change policy subsystems in the Southern-Mediterranean region in the context of international development co-operation'


  • Brandon Anthony - Associate Professor, Central European University.  Dissertation: 'A view from the other side of the fence: Tsonga communities and the Kruger National Park, South Africa'