Alumni News

Noemi Gonda, PhD graduate'16: Land grabbing and the making of an authoritarian populist regime in Hungary

The Hungarian case calls for scholarly-activist attention to how authoritarian populism is maintained by, and affects rural areas, as well as how emancipation can be envisaged in such a context.

Souran Chatterjee PhD graduate of 2018 publishes book chapter 'Co-benefits - the unrealised aspect of climate change policies'

Souran Chatterjee, PhD graduate of 2018 has just published a book chapter on his research, entitled 'Co-benefits - the unrealised aspect of climate change policies'.

Go organic! mini documentary about local food communities in Budapest

February 22, 2019

Three CEU students: Nurma Fitrianingrum, Shawna Anderson, and Shubhangi Heda recently completed a mini documentary film about sustainable food communities as part of the Visual Studies Platform’s advanced certificate program in Visual Theory and Practice supported by the CEU Library’s Mirabaud Media Lab.

Who will supply the future of nuclear? Future supply of nuclear reactors, power plants and the fuel cycle may be more concentrated than today’s supply of oil and gas

By building a dataset of nuclear cooperation agreements from last 15 years the authors of a recent article published in Energy Policy show that Russia is the supplier in about 50% of all agreements related to nuclear reactors, power plants, and the fuel cycle. France, the US, China, Korea and Japan together account for another 40% of key nuclear technologies.