Meet our Alumni Stipend recipients of 2022-23!

January 30, 2023

This year 28 talented students from around the world are studying at CEU thanks to supporters of the Alumni Scholarship.  HUGE THANKS to alumni donors for supporting this remarkable class. 

What is the Alumni Scholarship?

Funded by donations from CEU graduates, the Alumni Scholarship (AS) is awarded to admitted first-year full-time master's and bachelor's students who demonstrate a commitment to community service as well as the potential to help build strong CEU alumni communities around the world after graduation. 

Sustained by contributions to the CEU Generation fund, since 2001 alumni support has provided scholarships to more than 300 students from around the world. 

The AS can be used to supplement other financial aid provided by the University. The award helps to cover the costs of living and amounts to a monthly top-up stipend of 300 euro per recipient per one academic year for the duration of the program (for master's students in two-year programs and bachelor's students, only the first year is covered).
Deadline to apply is together with the deadline for all CEU financial support to be indicated on the application form: February 1, 2023.

Three of our students are part of this highly competitive program this year.


Meet Ali Al Jamal (Syria, ENVS '23)

What is your goal in life?

To help others. I have not led an easy life, but I have always been aided by someone at each point of my life. And I want to be that for other people.

Why did you choose your course of study?

I chose environmental sciences and policy because I truly care and am very passionate about the environment and how to make things better in the world.

Idris Alaba Aderinto (Nigeria, ENVS '23) 

What is your goal in life?

To contribute to improving the financial and technical ability of the developing world, particularly highly vulnerable regions, in responding to climate change impacts to ensure enhanced and sustained adaptive capacity.

Why did you choose your course of study?

The CEU MESP programme offers the opportunity to develop foundational and multidisciplinary knowledge in core environmental domains relevant to my career development and goals.

What do you hope to gain from your time at CEU?

Develop my knowledge of contemporary socioenvironmental issues while being exposed to the intercultural perspectives of fellow students towards becoming a globalized citizen.

and Florencia Sales (Mexico, ENVS '24/MESPOM) !

Why did you choose your course of study? 

I chose the MESPOM program because I believe that a multidisciplinary and holistic perspective is imperative to approach environmental challenges, and MESPOM is a program which includes this view in its core. 

What do you hope to gain from your time at CEU?

I expect to gain skills to generate fair environmental policies, but primarily I look forward to be part of a community of diverse, enthusiastic people who are/will be leaders for positive change. 

You can also help talented, deserving students from around the world benefit from a CEU education!

Your gift to the CEU Alumni Scholarship helps cover recipients’ cost of living while studying in Vienna. Funded by alumni, the scholarship is awarded to MA and BA students with a history of community service and the potential to build and lead strong alumni communities after graduation.

Since 2001, the scholarship has helped hundreds of students from around the world attend CEU. Recipients are required to volunteer with the CEU community, intern with the Alumni Relations team, the Community Engagement Office, the Innnovations Lab and others, and take an active role in the community post-graduation.

Specific national scholarships have been also recently established (Serbian, Ukrainian, Russian, Belorussian). Show your support today!