CEU Interdepartmental Dialogues on Climate Change at the World Wide Teach-In on Climate solutions and Climate Justice event

April 28, 2022

Central European University, Vienna successfully completed World Wide Teach-In on Climate solutions and Climate Justice on 31st March last month. The event was a part of Open Society University Network’s collaboration with Center for Environmental Policy, Bard College, USA for their Solve Climate 2030 project. 4 master’s students from the Environmental Sciences department of CEU participated in planning and organizing the event with advisor Dora Almassy.

44 participants and 7 speakers from different departments including Cognitive sciences, Economics and Business, Gender Studies, Legal Studies, International Relations, History, Mathematics and Its Applications besides Environmental Sciences, from and beyond CEU, joined the event onsite and online. The event was kicked off with opening remarks from the head of CEU’s Environmental Sciences and Policy Professor Laszlo Pinter followed by the Keynote Speech from the President and Rector of the University, Ms. Shalini Randeria.

The interdepartmental dialogue that aimed for a cross-campus faculty engagement in CEU resulted in a highly stimulating conversation on diverse topics such as Climate refugees, climate justice and law, Global change-weather extremes, circular mitigation interventions-nutrients recovery and reuse, demand-side solutions and well-being through improvement in energy efficiency, food security, the role of Universities during Climate Crisis, as well as careers in sustainability. The participants also indulged in exercises to express their doubts and ideas on the key issues surrounding Climate Crisis.

Let us continue to engage in meaningful conversations on Climate Change Impacts, Climate Justice and Climate Solutions to drive and inspire positive changes!