Disaster Risk Reduction Day at CEU

October 25, 2019

On Oct 14th CEU community took part in the International Disaster Risk Reduction Day.   

In an event organised by Syslabparticipants were joined by Daniela MangioneResilience Regional Focal Point and Programme Officer of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, Martin Fisher, Humanitarian Officer, Ivana Vucorepresentative of USAID’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance, Laszlo Pinterhead of the CEU’s Department of Environmental Sciences & Policy, and Anastasia Kvasha, PhD candidate at CEU. Presentation by Ms. Mangione on “Disaster Risk Reduction in Agriculture and Resilience of Rural Livelihoods” was followed by the panel discussion on how international policies and geographic information systems can help manage disasters, facilitated by the Head of Systems Laboratory, Viktor Lagutov. Later that day, participants also took part in a Mapathon (crowdsourcing mapping event) which was focusing on the areas affected by typhoon Hagibis in Japan. 

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