Ana Stojilovska

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Ana Stojilovska is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy, CEU, Budapest. The topic of her research is the synergies between heating and energy poverty. The main aim of her dissertation is to analyze the synergies between energy poverty and the type of heating in both developing and developed European contexts by using Macedonia and Austria as case studies. Stojilovska holds a Master degree in European Studies from Europa-Kolleg Hamburg, University of Hamburg.

She has worked for 5 years as a think tank researcher specialized in energy policy at Analytica Think Tank, Skopje. She is an author or co-author of over 20 policy papers dealing with various energy issues published by Analytica, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, at Energy efficiency blog’s website, in Macedonian magazine Political Thought, by University American College Skopje, at World Bank’s website. She has worked on over 20 local and regional projects including research projects and events in the capacity of researcher, project assistant or project manager funded by various donors. Stojilovska has worked on energy modeling for the buildings sector with OPE2RA model.

Ana Stojilovska was also engaged in preparing comments for energy relevant documents such as European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s country strategy for Macedonia, Macedonian Energy law, Renewable Energy Action Plan for Macedonia, Program for work of the Macedonian Government. Her areas of research include: energy policy, energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy security, the heat market, co-generation, gasification, buildings, energy poverty, cooperation between Government and civil society, good governance in the energy sector, sustainable development, climate change, green jobs, social business – all relevant to Macedonia. Experienced in preparing project proposals, project implementation and policy analysis in the area.

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