Community Gardening Blog 3. The Nitty Gritty: Basics of Crop Rotation, Weed and Pest Management

May 4, 2020

by Barbora Stankova, Kollie Tokpah, and Anam Riaz

So, you have found yourself stuck in quarantine with nothing to do but watch Tiger King and reluctantly do your readings? If your days are slowly becoming one long, never ending Tuesday,and leaving for your state-mandated walk seems like a chore by now, learning a new hobby might be the answer to getting your morale up, just like everyone constantly recommends.

Community Gardening Blog 2. Planting While in Quarantine: How to start your upcycled garden while staying at home

April 27, 2020

by Nidia Alyeriz Arauz, Vanbasten De Araujo and Devisha Poddar

With the current pandemic of the COVID-19 changing our lifestyles and requiring us to isolate, to protect ourselves and our community, planting something at home can be the perfect opportunity for you to explore new things and be environmentally conscious. In a time where a lot of us are facing difficulties with the isolation, planting can be an alternative to put your mind at ease and give you an extra activity to plan and execute in the comfort and safety of your home.

CEU Earth Day Community Gardening Blog 1: Soil management and Composting from Quarantine

April 21, 2020

Each year CEU students and community members have the opportunity to participate in the Agroecology and Organic Gardening Systems (AOGS) course offered at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy. The course provides participants with a theoretical and practical introduction to agroecology and to organic farming techniques.

Methodology to measure threats to biodiversity

Yet another important publication co-authored by our Associate Professor Brandon P. Anthony, former student Luna Milatovic (MESP 16/17) and MESPOM Associated Partner, Anthony Swemmer (South African Environmental Observation Network/SAEON) is now out in Koedoe: African Protected Area Conservation and Science!

The wolves are back!

Local attitudes towards the recently re-populated grey wolf and wolf management in Bükk National Park, Hungary

Latest proof of successful professor-student publication collaborations at the department by associate professor Brandon P. Anthony and graduate of the 2016/17 1-year Masters Program in Environmental Sciences & Policy (MESP), Katalin Tarr.