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Methodology to measure threats to biodiversity

Yet another important publication co-authored by our Associate Professor Brandon P. Anthony, former student Luna Milatovic (MESP 16/17) and MESPOM Associated Partner, Anthony Swemmer (South African Environmental Observation Network/SAEON) is now out in Koedoe: African Protected Area Conservation and Science!

Three 2018 publications from our professor-alumni collaborations at the department in "Principles of Environmental Policy: Local, European and Global Perspectives"

Community fora as vehicles of change? The Hlanganani Forum and Kruger National Park, South Africa 
AnthonyBrandon P., Mmethi, Helen   
Anthony, Réka [MESP 98/99]

The wolves are back!

Local attitudes towards the recently re-populated grey wolf and wolf management in Bükk National Park, Hungary

Latest proof of successful professor-student publication collaborations at the department by associate professor Brandon P. Anthony and graduate of the 2016/17 1-year Masters Program in Environmental Sciences & Policy (MESP), Katalin Tarr.

Recent departmental study highlights effects of legalization of recreational cannabis on forest management and conservation in US national forests

Mark Klassen, 2018 graduate of the 1-year master program and Associate Professor Brandon P. Anthony of the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy published their findings in Ecological Economics, available now online with a 50 days' free access at 

Saving Asiatic black bears requires changing local beliefs

The Malayan sun bears and Asiatic black bears, or “moon bears,” found across much of South and Southeast Asia and the Himalayas experienced a dramatic decline in population in recent decades and are facing a variety of threats throughout their range. They are routinely seized from forests so as to harvest their bile, which traditional beliefs credit with magical curative powers.