Environmental and Resource Governance (ERG)

Cluster leader: Alexios Antypas

Faculty associated with the cluster: Guntra AistaraAleh CherpZoltan IllésViktor Lagutov, Ruben MnatsakanianLaszlo PinterTamara Steger

Despite a high level of awareness, current trends in environmental and resource governance continue to lead to environmentally unsustainable and socially inequitable outcomes in which the global and local environments and the prospects for human flourishing continue to deteriorate. The study of environmental and resource governance includes the study of environmental regimes, environmental law, the integration of environmental policy into other policy sectors, the science/policy interface and the processes of integrating environmental information into policy, comparative environmental policy, and the politics of the environment. Furthermore, many environmental problems are inherited from the past, therefore studying the environmental history of contemporary debates brings a better understanding of the current state of events and provides more balanced recommendations for the future. Current state of the environment in countries of Central and Eastern Europe and beyond.

Ongoing projects:

The ERG area has launched an expanded study of far-right environmentalism in Eastern Europe and the development of Rio Principle 10. ERG researchers are also currently engaged in studies of the policy implications of the growing role of the vegan movement within environmentalism and the effects of Trump Administration policies on the energy transition of the U.S. Department of Defense that had begun under previous administrations. 

Research highlights:  

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