COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Regulations on CEU premises
valid from Sept 7, 2020 in Budapest and from Febr 7, 2021 in Vienna until recall

Launch of academic year 2021-2022

When does academic year 2021-22 start and when are students expected to arrive on campus?

A: Students are expected to arrive by September 5, 2021 to attend CEU's orientation week. The Fall term begins on September 20, 2021.

What will be the mode of teaching next academic year? Will students be able to join online if they cannot arrive on campus on time due to visa delays or epidemiological restrictions?

A: The Fall 2021 term's default teaching mode will be on-site, unless mandated otherwise at a national level in Austria or Hungary. At the same time, the university will accommodate students who are unable to secure visas or arrange to travel to Austria or Hungary in time for the beginning of the academic year. Such students should participate in the Fall term courses online (synchronously) until they can safely join classes on campus. We will provide all our students, regardless of their mode of study, with a high-quality learning experience.

Can students request a tuition fee discount for the period of online study?

A: No, there will be no tuition discounts offered in such cases.

Will students receive their stipend if they are studying online?

A: Yes, just like this academic year, stipends will be transferred to all enrolled students, regardless of whether they have arrived on campus yet.

Can students request a deferral due to COVID-19?

A: No, deferrals will not be granted on the grounds of COVID-related issues. Those students whose arrival on campus is delayed will still be able to enroll and follow their courses online.

Will students be required to get vaccinated to enter Austria/Hungary? Will they have to present negative COVID-19 test results to be allowed on campus? What can be done if vaccines are not yet available in one's home country?

A: Students must ensure that they meet all Austrian/Hungarian entry requirements, including vaccine or test certificates if needed. CEU will closely monitor and follow the advice from national and local authorities on how to keep the CEU campus safe for our community. We will always keep our students updated regarding any requirements for entering university premises.

For more information on COVID-19 related issues for incoming students please see here.