Theoretical Debates on Environmental Problems

Course Description: 

The Theoretical Debates on Environmental Problems is a core course in the doctoral curriculum designed to contextualize students' understanding of the intersections of the scientific, social, and political dimensions of environmental issues.

Learning Outcomes: 

In this course, students will explore theoretical and conceptual frameworks for defining, analyzing, and ultimately understanding environmental problems from both natural and social science perspectives. This course ultimately serves as students' debut in doctoral studies, and prepares them for doctoral candidacy as they work toward the successful completion of their comprehensive exams and prospectus defense. 


Students will:

1) engage in various reading, writing and presentation assignments on specific topics and their dissertation research as per the specific descriptions for the natural and social science components; and

2) practice identifying and applying various theories and concepts to analyze environmental problems both in class and in written essays that will facilitate the theoretical foundations and skills necessary for the development of their dissertation research proposals.