Call for Application for PhD projects on intersections of investments and resource stocks and flows

December 22, 2022

Apply for our new PhD call for projects on the intersections of investments and resource stocks and flows at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy supervised by Dr. Anke Schaffartzik !

Deadline to apply for the 4-year study from 2023/24 with financial aid at CEU Vienna is February 1, 2023. 

Cutting-edge research from social and industrial ecology is currently revealing that so-called material stocks – our built environment including durable consumer goods, machines, infrastructures, and buildings – are not only an increasingly important sink for resource extraction but also determinants of future resource flows. It obviously makes a difference whether construction materials and metals go towards building road infrastructure for individualized motor vehicle transport or towards railway connection. The decision-making that governs the build-up of such stocks is closely tied to investments, especially in infrastructures and construction. Better understanding these investments and their socio-environmental impact becomes increasingly important in times of economic crisis and in the current trajectory of global capitalism towards a potential relative scarcity of capital sinks.

A PhD project within this field would address, conceptually and empirically, the relationships between (material and/or energy) resource stocks and flows and investments, ideally with a strong data-driven component of the investigation to cover international patterns in general and Global North-South relations in particular. To this end, a pre-existing understanding of either the economic or the resource side of these patterns and a willingness to become familiar with the respective new field would be advantageous. This project is especially suitable for a candidate comfortable with the handling, manipulation, and analysis of mid-size quantitative data sets. The overall field is fairly broad and candidates are encouraged to formulate a project within this field that matches their research experience and interests.

Financial assistance is available including tuition waivers and full CEU fellowships that cover all tuition fees and include a generous monthly stipend to help with housing and living expenses as well as health insurance. The CEU Doctoral Scholarship is awarded for a period of 48 months in total. Each student is responsible for securing accommodation for themselves. 

Please read our Doctoral Program Handbook for detailed programmatic information at the department of Environmental Sciences and Policy Department of CEU. 

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