Participation at the Green Bodensee Conference 2021 hosted by the political academy of the Austrian Green Party, FREDA

October 19, 2021

Anke Schaffartzik, our new faculty member at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy has participated at a conference hosted by the political academy of the Austrian Green Party, FREDA* entitled Green Bodensee Conference 2021 in early October.

The event pursued the overarching question of whether there is a green path to economic recovery and societal transformation. The conference was attended by various members of the Austrian and other European Green Parties, including Austria’s former Minister of Social Affairs, Health, Care, and Consumer Protection Rudolf Anschober. The conference’s understanding was that we cannot leave it up to future generations to solve the problems that high levels of consumption in the past and currently have caused. Government and the state must safeguard the natural resources for future livelihoods.

Prof. Schaffartzik has been debating on the following question in the framework of Social Metabolism: "International trade, resource use and the global division of labor – what has to change for a global sustainability transformation?"


*FREDA is an Austrian foundation that provides political education in order to enable active public engagement in civil society and politics. It also acts as a mediator between the Austrian Greens, civil society and academia by publishing studies and organising cultural events and public debates. The foundation’s work is also based on its network of local foundations promoting green values across Austrian.