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2020-2021 summary

The ACTJUST team is grateful for sharing the previous academic year with CEU’s community, including those in our new home in Vienna and those who participated virtually from around the world. The endeavour to continuously learn, share knowledge and openly discuss various topics that underpin what many of us believe are critical for a just and equitable world, has been a core aim for ACTJUST team. Last year, such learning and discussion took place in a series of documentary screenings, panel discussions, and through participation in several other events.

Some of the activities organised by the ACTJUST team:

ONLINE Documentary Screening of “Kiss the Ground”
February 5, 2021

Including panelists:

  • Guntra Aistara, Environmental Anthropologist, Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy, Co-founder of ACTJUST GROUP
  • Logan Strenchock, Environmental and Sustainability Officer
  • Olea Morris, Ph.D., Environmental Sciences and Policy

ONLINE Documentary Screening of “The Condor & the Eagle”
February 19, 2021

Including panelists:

  • Tamara Steger, Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy, Co-founder of ACTJUST
  • Gina D'Alessandro, Ph.D., Environmental Sciences and Policy
  • Anna Varfomoleeva, Postdoctoral Researcher in Indigenous Sustainabilities, Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS), University of Helsinki
  • Olea Morris, Ph.D., Environmental Sciences and Policy

Events and programmes the ACTJUST team participated in: 

CEU’s Learn & Engage Programme 

The ACTJUST team had the honour of participating in CEU's Learn & Engage Program. The program is run by CEU’s Community Engagement Office, and the Human RightS Initiative (HRSI), and provides consultation, training and resources to support CEU community members (student, staff, faculty) in designing, developing, and delivering their own civic engagement projects. The Learn & Engage Program provides an opportunity for members of the CEU community to apply their knowledge in practical endeavors. It also aims to offer support for building open and democratic societies that respect human rights and human dignity. The ACTJUST team received financial support and meaningful guidance from the program in the form of ad-hoc meetings with HRSI program coordinators and a project management workshop. 

CEU’s Virtual Eco-Village 
May 12 and 25, 2021 by Olea Morris


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