Vivek Anand Voora

Year of Enrollment: 

My passion for sustainable development has led me to pursue a PhD in Environmental Sciences and Policy and a certificate in Network Sciences full-time to enhance my skills for its application. I worked previously as a Project Manager with the International Institute for Sustainble Development where I worked broadly on projects related to natural capital, ecosystem services, sustainable agriculture and water management as well as ecosystem markets, greening supply chains and sustainability standards. I also contributed to a broad range of multi-disciplinary initiatives spanning from the establishment of a World Heritage Site, devising tools for ecological infrastructure investments and reporting on global voluntary standard initiatives for a number of commodity sectors.

I have a wide range of interests and experiences in the environmental and sustainable development field which includes: environmental representative for a manufacturing operation; laboratory technician and supervisor for stratospheric ozone, air quality and greenhouse gas monitoring laboratories; project assistant for wastewater/stormwater quality monitoring and improvement initiatives; consultant for wind energy development projects.

My research interests include computer modeling, assessing natural capital and ecosystem services for decision making, sustainable water resources and agriculture management, renewable energy and climate change. I have carried out research projects and worked in various parts of Canada, Africa and New Zealand.


Bachelor of Engineering and Society in Chemical Engineering and Society from McMaster University
Master of Science in Environment and Management from Royal Roads Universityh
International Masters of Advanced Studies in Development Studies from the Graduate Institute of Development Studies