Attila Katona

Year of Enrollment: 

"First we shape our cities - then they shape us" - Jan Gehl.

Attila is a Doctoral Researcher at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy who focuses on sustainable cities and urban transitions. His research at CEU aims to understand what factors and dynamics influence the deployment of urban nature-based solutions (NBS) and what systemic interventions could catalyse the process, through conducting internationally comparative analysis of several cities (such as Tianjin – China, Winnipeg – Canada, Győr – Hungary) and establishing an ‘Urban Transition Lab’ in Győr to facilitate systemic integration of urban innovations and NBS. His research work is connected to the EU-funded NATURVATION Project, supervised by Prof. László Pintér. He was TA/co-instructor of CEU's "Sustainable Development and Global Transition: From Theory to Practice" master's course. He serves as representative to the Doctoral Program Committee.

Attila is also a senior consultant of the European Union's largest public-private partnership, EIT Climate-KIC, on developing and benchmarking transversal competency frameworks and a certification process for accelerating sustainability transitions, innovation and entrepreneurship (Certified Professional). His work experience includes several years of EU- or UN-funded research and innovation project management at  international organizations, such as REC and WWF, focusing on climate adaptation, social innovation, smart cities, and urban transition. Attila coordinated grassroots student groups, as well as several international and national networks for over 8 years on a voluntary basis – he is currently Council Member of the Hungarian Green Movement and faculty at the Milestone Institute, where he does mentoring, teaching and advises the Innovation Society.

As an action researcher, consultant, lecturer, and activist, Attila is committed to tackle complex sustainability challenges, to support better decision making, and to catalyse the necessary transitions to a more resilient and reflexive society.


Regional and Environmental Economics MSc (Excellent with the highest honours) - Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Environmental Engineering BSc - Budapest University of Technology and Economics