Master of Science in Environmental Sciences and Policy

The program provides students with a combination of scientific, technological, legal and policy training,preparing them for careers in a wide range of environmental fields. The aim is to give students an understanding of all aspects of the environment, of how to develop sound and sustainable policies, and of matters related to solving environmental problems.

Sample Courses for the Master’s Programs

Methods of Environmental Inquiry; Sustainable Energy Solutions; Waste Management; Modeling and Geographic Information Systems; Environmental Impact Assessment; Life Cycle Assessment; Environmental Policy and Politics; EU Environmental Law; Air Pollution and Climate Change; Agriculture and Forestry;Biodiversity and Conservation; Water Resources; Environmental Economics; Corporate Environmental Management; Ecosystems Management; Environmental Philosophy; Academic Writing

Entry Requirements for the Master’s Programs

In addition to meeting the General CEU Admissions Requirements applicants to either of the two Master’s programs must write a statement (maximum 350 words) addressing:

1) the origins of their interest in environmental issues;

2) how they hope to benefit from the program;

3) their future career plans;

and 4) their relevant special interests.

Previous work or practical experience in the field of environmental sciences is highly desirable but students from a variety of backgrounds are encouraged to apply, provided they show a commitment to environmental issues.Students holding a first degree from a variety of other fields (from natural and earth sciences to economics or law) are also encouraged to apply.


Title Instructor Credit
Academic Writing Alan Watt
Vera Eliasova
Eszter Timár
Academic Writing for MSc Thesis Alan Watt 1.0
Agriculture, Society, Environment, and Development Guntra Aistara 0.0
Air Pollution and Climate Change Ruben Mnatsakanian
John Karlik
Biodiversity & Conservation Brandon P. Anthony 2.0
Carbon Reporting Ruben Mnatsakanian
Ekaterina Tsvetkova
Energy Challenges for the 21st Century Michael LaBelle 1.0
Energy Infrastructure: Management and Policy Michael LaBelle 3.0
Energy Policy, Environment and Management Michael LaBelle 2.0
Environment and Security Stephen Stec 2.0
Environmental Assessment and Planning Aleh Cherp 2.0
Environmental Modelling Viktor Lagutov 3.0
Environmental Monitoring Brandon P. Anthony
Tibor Kovacs
Environmental Philosophy Alan Watt 2.0
Environmental Policy and Governance: Advanced Topics Alexios Antypas 4.0
Environmental Politics: Environmental Activism and Communication Tamara Steger 4.0
Environmental Practicum Viktor Lagutov 3.0
Environmental Research Methods: Epistemological Foundations Tamara Steger
Michael LaBelle
Environmental Research Methods: Geospatial Technologies for Environmental Professionals Viktor Lagutov 1.0
Environmental Research Methods: Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods Brandon P. Anthony 0.5
ERG: Environmental and Resource Governance Alexios Antypas
Ruben Mnatsakanian
ETC: Energy Transitions and Climate Change Aleh Cherp
Michael LaBelle
Global Food, Agriculture, and Development Guntra Aistara 4.0
Humans & the Biosphere Ruben Mnatsakanian 2.0
IEM: Introduction to Environmental Management Aleh Cherp
Zoltán Illés
IEP: Introduction to Environmental Policy and Society Alexios Antypas
Alan Watt
IES: Introduction to Environmental Sciences Brandon P. Anthony
Ruben Mnatsakanian
Information and Communication Technologies for Environmental Professionals Viktor Lagutov 2.0
Interpretive Research Methods Tamara Steger 1.0
Interpretive Research Methods Tamara Steger 1.0
Introduction to Disaster Management Viktor Lagutov 2.0
Introduction to Environmental Economics Aleh Cherp 2.0
Introduction to Environmental Management: Environmental Assessment of Products and Services Aleh Cherp
Andrius Plepys
Introduction to Environmental Management: Introduction to Solid Waste Management Zoltán Illés 1.0
Introduction to Environmental Thought Alan Watt 1.0
Introduction to International Environmental Law Stephen Stec 1.5
JPH: Environmental Justice, Politics, and Humanities Tamara Steger
Guntra Aistara
JustData - University Wide Course Miklós Koren
Arieda Muço
Chrys Margaritidis
Jozsef Martin, Transparency International Hungary)
Roberta Sinatra
Karoly Boroczky
Marine Ecosystems Cogălniceanu Dan 1.0
Natural resources use in the XXI century Ruben Mnatsakanian 2.0
Nature, Culture, Politics, and Justice Guntra Aistara 2.0
Oil and Metal Pollution Keith White 2.0
Organic Gardening and Local Food Systems Guntra Aistara
Logan Strenchock
Policies for Sustainable Transport Zoltán Illés 2.0
SES: Sustainable Management of Socio-Ecological Systems László Pintér
Brandon P. Anthony
Social Justice Frameworks in Action Marie-Pierre F. Granger
Michael Dorsch
Simon Rippon
Tamara Steger
Helga Dorner
Sally Schwager
Spatial Analysis with ArcGIS Viktor Lagutov 4.0
Sustainable Development and Global Transition: From Theory to Practice László Pintér 3.0
Sustainable Energy Transitions Aleh Cherp 3.0
The Non-Human Biosphere Brandon P. Anthony 2.0
Thesis Preparation I Alan Watt 2.0
Thesis Research Seminar and Workshop Alan Watt 1.0
Transnational Environmental Politics Alexios Antypas
Matteo Fumagalli
László Pintér
Transnational Environmental Politics Matteo Fumagalli
Alexios Antypas
László Pintér
Visual Cultures of the Anthropocene Dr. Maja Fowkes and Dr. Reuben Fowkes 2.0
Water: Our sustainable use and provision of drinking water and sanitation Zoltán Illés
Edward Bellinger