European Green Infrastructure Conference

December 10, 2017

EUGIC, a new major gathering of researchers, practitioners and innovators working on  nature based solutions (NBS) in cities was held in Budapest on 29-30 November, 2017. The department was represented by the team working on the Naturvation project.

US Embassy round-table on wildlife trafficking

November 21, 2017

Head of CEU Systems Laboratory Dr. Victor Lagutov and Phd Candidate Natalia Pervushina contributed to the roundtable discussion on Wildlife Trafficking organized by the US Embassy in Hungary, Regional Environmental, Science & Technology, and Health (ESTH) Hub office on 21st November 2017.

Syslab summer workshops ended

July 30, 2017

CEU Syslab hosted a successful series of environmental professional workshops through the ISEPEI project aimed to improve data-driven decision-making and present the latest advances in information and communication technologies (ICTs), and their application in various fields.

Syslab and UNDP Joint "Innovations in Disaster Risk Reduction" workshop opening

July 24, 2017

CEU Syslab and UNDP continue their professional training program through the ISEPEI project focussing on the recent advances in information and communication technologies (ICTs). The workshop will assess how these advances are empowering both decision-makers and citizens to play a proactive role in managing disaster risk and providing a more effective response.

PhD candidates receive CEU Doctoral Awards

March 3, 2017

We are pleased to announce that PhD candidate Andrea Gagyi-Palffy received CEU Academic Achievement Awards for First-Year Doctoral Students meant to reward outstanding coursework and performance during the comprehensive exam.

We are are also pleased to announce that PhD candidates Anna Varfolomeeva and Vadim Vinichenko received CEU Awards for Advanced Doctoral Students which rewards outstanding student research.