Graduate of the ENV SCI Department is the new Minister of Environmental Protection in Georgia

October 29, 2012

Ms Khatuna Gogaladze, graduate of the Environmental Sciences and Policy Department (AY 2000), is the new Minister of Environmental Protection in Georgia.

Chunyu Liang, CEU ’07, Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy

October 2, 2012

Armed with a CEU MSc in environmental science, policy and management, Chunyu Liang is battling climate change through the U.N.’s global greenhouse gas emissions mitigation effort. A native of China, Liang came to CEU in 2005 on a scholarship from Erasmus Mundus—a European Commission program aimed at linking Europe with other parts of the world.

Fiona Borthwick, PhD graduate in 2010

Fiona studied at CEU from 2003-2010. She then took up a position as Lecturer in Environmental Management at the Scottish Agricultural College in Edinburgh. Fiona lectures in rural land use, environmental management systems, corporate social responsibility and environmental impact assessment. In 2011 she became programme director of the MSc in Food Security, at the school of Geoscience, University of Edinburgh. She is also a fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Jolly Wasambo, PhD graduate in 2011

We are very pleased to announce that Jolly Wasambo received an appointment from the President of Malawi to the position of Environmental and Soil Health Expert within the newly established Green Belt Initiative.

Richard Filcak, PhD graduate in 2007

Dr. Richard Filcak, graduated in 2007, is a researcher at the Institute for Foresight Studies/Slovak Academy of Sciences.