Thesis Research Seminar and Workshop

Course Description: 

Conducting and completing a thesis is a challenging, dynamic and adaptive process that, in addition to student/supervisor interactions, can also benefit greatly from the mutual intellectual engagement of peers in a structured, mentor-facilitated setting. The purpose of this course is to provide a productive intellectual community forum to strengthen and tailor knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence relevant for designing and executing a master's thesis. While attentive and adaptable to the varied needs of thesis researchers, the course explores and clarifies some of the foundational aspects of thesis work including developing a suitable research question, theoretical and conceptual framework, and method. A workshop format is used, involving submission of relevant elements from students' own thesis research work prior to class, and review of peers' submissions. 

Learning Outcomes: 

Understand how key features of high quality MS level thesis research relate to the student's own thesis project; Develop constructive criticism skills in relation to peer research projects; Incorporate peer and mentor criticism into the thesis research.


For pass/fail: pass is achieved by completing the required submission and review requirements and attending the workshop classes.