PhD Faculty/Student Seminar

Course Description: 

A regular seminar will be held every week or every other week as a forum for faculty and doctoral students to engage each other’s research as well as enjoy guest lecturers on various topics related to the environmental field or research in general.  All first year students are expected to make a brief introduction of their research interests in September and a presentation on their preliminary dissertation proposal in November. Additionally, two to three of the seminars in the first term of the first year may be devoted to a Methods Study Program “primer” in which introductions to Qualitative Methods, Quantitative Methods and Mixed Methods may be provided.  The purpose of these Methods Study Program seminars is to acquaint students with some of the methodological applications in order to inform their Theory and Methods Needs Assessment and Study Plans. All first year students and all doctoral students in residence are expected to attend these seminars in both fall and winter terms (1 credit awarded each term).

Learning Outcomes: 

 The purpose of the seminar is to establish a forum for productive scholarly debate and exchange of ideas.


Based on regular and active attendance.