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Title Instructor Credit
Academic Writing Alan Watt 2.0
Agriculture, Society, Environment, and Development Guntra Aistara 0.0
Air Pollution and Climate Change Ruben Mnatsakanian
John Karlik
Asceticism, Mysticism, and Gender in Jewish Tradition Prof. Ada Rapoport Albert 4.0
Biodiversity & Conservation Brandon P. Anthony 3.0
Carbon Reporting Ruben Mnatsakanian
Ekaterina Tsvetkova
Comprehensive Exam 2.0
Dissertation Prospectus Defense 4.0
Dissertation Prospectus Preparation 4.0
Dissertation Research Topic Formulation 2.0
Energy Challenges for the 21st Century Michael LaBelle 1.0
Energy Policy, Environment and Management Michael LaBelle 2.0
Environment and Security Stephen Stec 2.0
Environmental Modelling Viktor Lagutov 3.0
Environmental Monitoring Brandon P. Anthony
Paul Ashley
Environmental Philosophy Alan Watt 2.0
Environmental Policy and Governance: Advanced Topics Alexios Antypas 4.0
Environmental Politics: Environmental Activism and Communication Tamara Steger 4.0
Environmental Practicum Viktor Lagutov 2.0
Foundations in Teaching in Higher Education: Scholarship, Reflection, and Innovation Sally Schwager
Helga Dorner
Humans & the Biosphere Ruben Mnatsakanian 2.0
ICTs for Environmental Professionals Viktor Lagutov 2.0
Information and Communication Technologies for Environmental Professionals Viktor Lagutov 2.0
Introduction to Environmental Assessment and Management Aleh Cherp 2.0
Introduction to Environmental Economics Aleh Cherp 2.0
Introduction to Environmental Thought Alan Watt 1.0
Introduction to International Environmental Law Stephen Stec 1.5
Introduction to International Environmental Policy Alexios Antypas 1.5
Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods Brandon P. Anthony 1.0
Introduction to Solid Waste Management Zoltán Illés 1.0
Marine Ecosystems 1.0
Methods Study Program 4.0
Methods Study: ICTs and the Environment Viktor Lagutov 2.0
Natural resources use in the XXI century Ruben Mnatsakanian 2.0
Oil and Metal Pollution 2.0
PhD Faculty/Student Seminar 2.0
PhD Writing Issues and Challenges Alan Watt 1.0
Policies for Sustainable Transport Zoltán Illés 2.0
Professional Advancement Practicum 4.0
Spatial Analysis with ArcGIS Viktor Lagutov 4.0
Survey Research Methods Brandon P. Anthony 2.0
Sustainable Development and Global Transition: From Theory to Practice László Pintér 2.0
Teaching and Research Practicum 6.0
The Doctoral Dissertation 40.0
The Non-Human Biosphere Brandon P. Anthony 2.0
Theoretical Debates on Environmental Problems 2.0
Theory Study Program 2.0
Theory/Methods Needs Assessment and Study Plan 1.0
Transnational Environmental Politics Alexios Antypas
Matteo Fumagalli
László Pintér
Transnational Environmental Politics Matteo Fumagalli
Alexios Antypas
László Pintér


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