Introduction to Environmental Management: Introduction to Solid Waste Management

Course Description: 

Major policy choices related to waste management. The concept of integrated waste management, which relies on a combination of approaches, planning, economic instruments and public participation to reduce environmental, social and economic impacts of the growing volume of waste produced in our cities. 

  • Municipal solid waste (MSW) management dilemma: the downward spiral of environmental, social and economic problems. 

  • MSW management approaches: landfilling and incineration.  

  • MSW management approaches: recycling, composting, waste minimization 

  • Planning and implementing an integrated MSW management strategy. 

Learning Outcomes: 

Understand the key impacts associated with waste management as well as key principles of integrated waste management. 


Participation in class discussions (pass/fail) 


This course is part of the Introduction to Environmental Management module and can only be taken together with other parts (Environmental Assessment of Products and Services and Introduction to Solid Waste Management)