Environmental Politics: Environmental Activism and Communication

Course Description: 

Environmental Activism and Communication is designed to provide students with understanding and skills through the mutual engagement of theory and practice in environmental activism and communications with due consideration for the political and social implications. Concepts such as power, discourse, and framing, and theories on effective environmental communication are explored through readings, class seminars and exercises, and applied to a particular project. Students gain direct experience with both critically analyzing environmental communication media, and developing and implementing an environmental communication campaign strategy.

Learning Outcomes: 

Knowledge and Understanding

  • Effective environmental communication in the context of power and discourse, and tensions within the environmental communication field.
  • Analytical/reflective approaches to environmental communication in light of a specific conceptual framework.
  • Opportunities and challenges of environmental communication based on theory, research, and praxis.

Intellectual Skills

  • Critical reflection.
  • Application of multi-layered theoretical frameworks (e.g., framing, environmental communication).
  • Mutual engagement of theory and practice.

Practical and Transferable Skills

  • Collaborative group project work.
  • Presentation skills.
  • Communication strategy design and implementation.


Assessment is based on:  

1) Summary of anticipated project work: Proposed Communication Strategy (20%).  

2) Environmental communication strategy and its implementation (Test Run: 25%; Final Product 35%).  See Key Evaluative Questions.

3) Class participation and group work (20%)



No prerequisites for this course.