Energy Infrastructure: Management and Policy

Course Description: 

Navigating the business and policy world of the energy sector requires awareness of government policies, environmental issues and how a business operates. This course is designed to equip students with an in-depth knowledge of the policy process and the investment perspective of business. Student led teams will work on projects connected to a company, organization or institution. Interviews, policy research and business strategies will all be analysed with a real company or organization in mind. The aims are:

  • Learn how to assess policy making process at both the national and EU level
  • Evaluate the national business environment in relation to the energy sector
  • Operations of the emission trading schemes and accounting
  • Cross-disciplinary approach to education and how multiple perspectives join in the policy and business realm
Learning Outcomes: 

Collaborative experience and new perspective on the linkage between environmental protection and business operations

Research and analysis skills. Greater ability to conduct research, organize data and analyze potential business or policy approaches.

Communicate within project teams and with external audience research and analysis, including the process.


3 page group case study (max 1500 words), 20% of grade

4- 5 page case study – with a story line (max 2,000 words), 50% of grade

Blogs and presentations, 30% of grade



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